HacKeD By Syrian Revolution Soldiers

→ Can you hear some words about Syria That great ?
Of course no , because you are a selfish person

→ Message To The World

Syria !!:- Hello World, Do you know what is happening in syria ? Nothing important, just 120 innocent citizen people are dying each day, the palestinian refuges camp in Damascus (Al yarmouk) 25 refuges are dying because hunger every fucking single day, and the world keep silence, the politicians are having a meeting in Geneva and eating and drinking alcohol and living in 5 stars hotels, and our people are sleeping outside, and the sky is there only cover, they are dying av hunger and freezing to death, Dear leaders of the world .. Message from a 5 years old syrian child: Fuck you all , i will exchange you all for a little piece of bread, you worth nothing, you suck like Bashar al Assad, and you are partners and collaborators in crime, we will make you pay for your silence.. We want to get our message across to the largest number of sites on the World Wide Web Virtual ... the end We Are Not going to die in silence or rest in peace, our souls will curse you to the day we stand in front the god Long live for free syria

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